J. Kendall Perkinson

J. Kendall Perkinson is the founder of Kromatic Media and a Morgantown-based multimedia journalist with stories in Morgantown Magazine, WV Living, Wonderful West Virginia, and The Dominion Post. He has been a professional photographer for years. He worked as a social video content creator at 100 Days in Appalachia, and also works as a videographer and editor for WVU News.

In Richmond, Virginia, Perkinson served at WRIR 97.3FM as both chair and co-chair of the station's elections committee, which elected members to the Board of Directors. He has served as a member of many other community nonprofits and social organizations.

Perkinson has been documenting the world with photography, audio, video, and interviews since childhood.


Sarah James McLaughlin

At a young age, Sarah James McLaughlin was left unattended in front of a family library littered with true crime/gore porn. Despite her initial aversion to the genre, from being terrified of what she read in the books, her morbid curiosity got the best of her and she eventually turned to television so satiate herself with Unsolved Mysteries.

The WVU Coed Murders had been a recurring theme in her life – through conversations with her parents, a national guardsman tasked with searching for the coeds, and via chatter as a student at WVU.

When her boyfriend (now husband) took a two-week vacation to Spain, she decided to indulge herself with more research into the coed murders and was hooked by the revelation of the Triangle letters. A chronological list of events she published on Reddit and a meeting with podcaster Kendall Perkinson led to a sit-down with writer and coed murder historian Geoff Fuller. Soon Mared and Karen: The WVU Coed Murders came to life.

Next on Ms. McLaughlin’s agenda are the completion of her book (with co-writer Fuller) about the coeds, a brand new podcast murder mystery with Mr. Perkinson, and research on a host of other unsolved crimes that have occurred throughout the Mountain State.

Ms. McLaughlin attended both West Virginia and Fairmont State Universities, studying journalism and earning a degree in Graphic Technology/Graphic Engineering. She lives in Fairmont with her husband and her dog.


Geoffrey Cameron Fuller

An editor and writer for over 25 years, Geoffrey Cameron Fuller has edited nearly 100 published books, mostly nonfiction, and his writing has appeared in 25 others. His thriller, Full Bone Moon, a fictional treatment of the 1970 murder-decapitations of two West Virginia University students, was awarded best novel by West Virginia Writers in 1993, and his fiction and nonfiction has won more than a dozen writing awards. In 2012, he placed first nationally for an account of the actual investigation into the 1970 WVU “coed murders,” and in 2014 he co-wrote the e-book The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese (#12 on The New York Times best-seller list) and the much more comprehensive Pretty Little Killers, both about the 2012 murder of Skylar Neese in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Fuller has written articles for many literary and commercial magazines, from Appalachian Heritage to Dirt Bike magazine. As a regular contributor to Writer’s Digest, Fuller served on the magazine’s advisory board for a number of years. Along the way, he was the only person in West Virginia awarded prestigious writing fellowships by the West Virginia Commission on the Arts in all three prose categories: fiction, nonfiction, and memoir. He has taught writing privately and conducted workshops at conferences for nearly 20 years.