The best true crime podcast you’ve never heard.


Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders tells the true story of the disappearance and beheading of two West Virginia University freshmen girls in 1970. Were they murdered by someone they knew? Or did they fall victim to a serial killer traveling through the area?

The WVU Coed Murders podcast relies on extensive documentation and interviews with those directly involved in the saga of Mared and Karen, including law enforcement, journalists, attorneys, and people in direct proximity to the crime.


Brilliantly done podcast! By far the best one I have listened to. My dad even got into this on the drives we shared to and from work. He had never listened to a podcast before and is hooked...Thank you, Kromatic Media, for making a true crime podcast that my dad and I can bond over listening to!

—Emily M


The Search for Mared and Karen, April 1970

Police comb the woods south of Morgantown, West Virginia, looking for any trace of the two WVU freshmen.