Brilliantly done podcast! By far the best one I have listened to. My dad even got into this on the drives we shared to and from work. He had never listened to a podcast before and is hooked, although he says no other podcast can compare to this one and that I spoiled him by having him listen to such an awesome podcast as his first podcast experience! Thank you, Kromatic Media, for making a true crime podcast that my dad and I can bond over listening to!

—Emily M, Facebook

If you are a fan of true crime podcasts, do yourself a favor and listen to Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. After only 2 episodes, I can tell you that this podcast is on par with such networks as Wondery, CBC Radio, and American Public Media. It is expertly produced, has great investigative journalism, a rich soundtrack, and hosts with compassion and empathy for the subject and victims. I cannot wait to hear more. I am truly in awe already.

— Owen, iTunes

Growing up, my mom always warned me of the dangers of hitchhiking. I never understood why she was so worried about it since it was the 80s and my friends had cars. We’d spend time at 4-H camp and she’d often talk about the young ladies found “out that road.” I really think this podcast not only gave an objective overview of the murders but was also very respectful of their memories. I hope this case is reopened and the true killer is identified. Great production and I’m so glad I now understand why my mom was afraid for me to hitchhike.

—Christina C, Facebook

I have listened to and produced a lot of podcasts over the years and Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders by Kromatic Media is one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. If you haven't heard the podcast yet I highly recommend you take the time to engross yourself in this riveting investigation. Be prepared to get chills as Kendall's narrative will having you hanging on his every word. I met Kendall and Sarah at the New Story conference put on by the WV Hub earlier this year in Lewisburg, WV. This is where I first learned about the WVU coed murders podcast and couldn't wait to subscribe and hear this story that I never knew about being a native of West Virginia. If you are in the Elkins, WV, area on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018, definitely stop by to meet these guys. I promise you won't be disappointed. A special thank you to the library for being open and highlighting the amazing local talent during the MSFF.

—Mark B, Facebook